TRANSTÉCNICA was founded in 1973, and today it is based in a 10.000 m² area, in the industrial district of Cachoeirinha, at 15 km away from Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


Market leader, during these almost forty years, the Transtécnica has specialized in the manufacturing of bi and multi-components materials equipments.

Its main line of production include FRP – fiberglass reinforced plastic equipments and PU – polyurethane equipments. The line also includes adhesives dosing and applying equipments.

FRP: The equipments lines shows systems for working with opened molds and with closed molds. They are gel-coat, spray-up, wet-out and RTM equipments (Resin Transfer Molding). Several kinds of guns models, of internal and external mixture, atomized by air and air-less, complete line which include catalyst injector, catalyst slave pumps and several kind of resin and gel-coat pumps.

PU: A polyurethane equipments line that include dispensing machine equipment with of 3 to 200 Kg/min output for working with opened or closed molds, and spray equipments. The dispensing machine equipments are assembled with positive displacement gear pumps, with continuous components recirculation, from the tank to the mixing head and back to the tanks, with mixing head and dynamic mixer joint especially sized up and drawn for each kind of application. For specific cases application they are assembled with guns with a static mixer system. The spray equipments use double action pneumatic pumps and a spray gun with a free solvent system.

In this site you will find fiberglass reinforced plastic and polyurethane. See which is the best for your application. If you have any question don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Contact info:
Av. Tancredo Neves, 180 – Distrito Industrial – 94930-540
Cachoeirinha / Rio Grande do Sul / Brasil
phone/fax number: 55 (51) 3511-1212 / 3470-6463

E-mail: transtecnica@transtecnica.com

Site: http://www.transtecnica.com

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